A state investigation into the fatal shooting of a Detroit man outside a banquet hall by St. Clair Shores police found no criminal wrongdoing by the officers.

Michigan Attorney General 达纳nessel said in a news release late Friday afternoon that the shooting of theoddeus灰色 Jr.  in November 2018 near the 湖区庄园宴会厅 did not warrant any criminal charges.

Gray, 29, was shot in a parking lot adjacent to the hall after officers responded at about 6:30 p.m. Nov. 4 to a disturbance during a baby shower involving a man with a gun. Nessel says that Gray fired at police officers as he began to flee after their arrival. Moments later, five officers fired about 44 shots, with five or six striking Gray, according to the investigative report that was released by Nessel.

Also killed was police dog “斧头,” a loss that generated an outpouring of sympathy 和 support in the community.

The bullet that struck 斧头 "likely" was fired by Gray, the report says.

A Macomb County Sheriff's Office's investigation of the shooting also found officers were not at fault.

Gray's family asked Nessel to review the incident 和 sheriff's probe.

The release describes how the incident took place: “Gray was causing a disturbance by brandishing a handgun at the banquet hall, causing some people there to fear for their safety. When police arrived, Gray ignored their requests to talk and their comm和s to stop. When fleeing 从 police, Gray used his weapon to fire a round at the officers, who then returned fire, ultimately resulting in Gray’s death."

St. Clair Shores police officials could not be immediately reached Friday.

The report says Gray, whose girlfriend was having the shower, was involved in an ongoing dispute over money owed with one of two men with whom he was illegally selling prescription drugs. His cohorts had hidden an AK-47 rifle at the banquet hall but did not gain access to it during the incident and Gray wasn't aware of it, the report says. When his two cohorts showed up to the event, Gray went to his car to retrieve a h和gun.

Lakel和's owner called 911, saying Gray was "throwing a fit with a gun," according to the report. About 70 people were at the hall.

As Gray fled 从 police, he was told by officers to stop running and fired the shot believed to have struck 斧头, near the hall. Gray went to the adjacent Harper Auto Electric shop parking lot, and pointed his gun at one officer and then another officer as officers shouted at him to drop the gun, according to the report. One officer fired 21 shots while other officers fired 9, 7 and 6 shots 和 a single shot.

The 48-page report includes about 20 pages of images 从 surveillance video.

Nessel said of the report, “This report is part of my office’s commitment to transparency and accountability. We never want the response of law enforcement to escalate into lethal use of force. However, when that does occur, our job is to obtain 和 review all evidence before deciding whether any criminal wrongdoing took place according to existing law. In this particular case, the evidence suggests that the actions of the St. Clair Shores police officers do not warrant criminal charges." 

Gray’s family in February 2019 filed a $10 million wrongful death federal lawsuit against the city of St. Clair Shores and five officers. The lawsuit claimed Gray had given up his gun 和 surrendered. The lawsuit is pending.

Nessel indicated earlier this week her office would review a 2018 police shooting of a man in Shelby Township.

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